Using source code

(Lolita Sanngris) #1

Could you please explain where I should unpack sources and what I should delete, so I could get clean and stable Vinoma project?


(Leslie Young) #2

The source is there as reference for those who want to access something via script. Also, those people who want to make changes to the source and recompile.

The source files can not be placed directly in your Unity project. If you want to make changes to the source files you need to compile new DLLs and replace existing DLLs in Unity project.

(Lolita Sanngris) #3

Hello again!
I tried to compile a new DLL and got this:

Is it missing or I did something wrong?

(Leslie Young) #4

You need to create a new solution and import the project files into that. Note that the project files were made with Visual Studio. I do not know what would happen if you import them in MonoDev; though they should be compatible.

You will also have to fix all references to required assemblies; but I assume you would know this if you are a coder and attempting to customize this code. Also check the build-settings. You will want to modify or remove the post-build events for example.

Why do you want to recompile the code? Can’t you do what you need to do via scripts added to your Unity project?