Using Tiled for a FPS / Third Person Shooter

(Juan Pablo Chandias) #1

Hi! , I’m evaluating different level editors for unity to use in our project “Element Space”.
Is a third person Action Rpg (Think something like The Division from ubisoft)

I wanted to ask if TileED supports some of the features we are looking for, I already know that some are not supported, but wanted to have your opinion.

I have uploaded some screenshots for reference of the types of spaces we need to build

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Level Editor Requirements:

–The built level must exist on the scene hierarchy, the editor must work with the level without need of loading from files. This allows us to add our components for integration with the rest of the project.
If the editor loads from a file, then it should allow for a easy way to extend the editor code/algorithms to add those components by script without need to change/modify the original source of the plugin.

–The editor needs to be compatible with Unity Lightmapping and occlusion , if the editor works directly with a level in the scene, that shouldn’t be a problem.

–The editor need to support multiple levels/floors, all the examples I’ve seen doesn’t have roofs

– If a piece changes, the editor should update the levels where that piece was used.
Example: A prop used as Cover, some time in the future, the cover system or component attached to the original prop is changed/updated, all the levels and patterns that used that prop should be automatically updated with the new version

–The editor need to support FPS style levels, and FPS style level editing, that is, be able to edit the level from multiple camera angles, not only from the top view.
Example: edit the level from inside a corridor , adding detail to the walls.

– The editor should also support terrains

–The editor should support off grid editing

–The editor should support multiple grids and orientations

(Leslie Young) #2

As the description states…

It is for painting top-down/ isometric worlds rather than first person worlds consisting of modular pieces.

… so this is not the tool you want.