Viewing standard blox scripts?


Hi folks,

I’m trying to view the scripts behind the blox that come with PlyGame to better understand how things are working behind the scenes. How would I view the cs for say, the “Spawn Player” blox? I’m not seeing them broken out anywhere.


(Leslie Young) #2

Extract the source zips from these two folders

Then in the source you will find Blocks folders where everything around the plyBlox for that module is defined.

There is also info on custom Blocks at the bottom of this page.
I also have this shared source you can look at.


This has been very helpful. I’d like to get other folks on this framework. Where could I download an older version compliant with Unity 5? Specifically, Plygame 3.0.7, and Unity 5.6.4?


Hey Leslie, wasn’t sure if you saw my follow-up question. It’s in regards to getting additional folks on-board with the project.

Got people waiting that would like to tackle individual components of the project, but are receiving errors when they attempt to import Plygame on Unity 5.6.4 from the asset store. Where could we get an older version of Plygame? Thanks!

This is the error:
I ask because everyone that I’m trying to get on it, using