Vinoma 2.0 for 2D RPG

(xcygame) #1

Hi ,Leslie!
I don’t think Vinoma should only stay in the visual novel, it there is a great extension of space, I point out is through practice, the following pictures from the Internet:

First of all, is a way of fighting (Turn-based battle) Vinoma can do:

  1. Can be a fight face to face
  2. Fight from the left to the right
  3. Through the plug-in extension, and even can realize SRPG way of fighting.
    Why should I think Vinoma is have more potential? Because for the novice developers (myself included), use the Tag to defining some basic function is no problem.

But if need to use more advanced features, such as Quest system and inventory. if Vinoma have no a native support, I just create a fight scene demo, and no perfect system.

I also used “PlyGame”, is a very good 3D RPG tool. But at the same time, I also hope Vinoma is a good 2D RPG tool, not just a feeling abandoned visual novel tool.

Above is the sincere advice. thank you