Vinoma Free on Asset Store

(Guillermo Vilas) #1

I hope this is just a temporary campaign and not an indication that product has ended its life cycle.

(Leslie Young) #2

Don’t worry, I will not be removing it any time soon, even after this is in place.

Vinoma has never been a good seller, VN makers is very tool-saturated area in and outside Unity, so I decided to make it free.

(Cody) #3

Hi Leslie.

I’m a seller too and I know that you got to move some products aside to make way for the assets that really sell. I don’t know why you decided to make it free. I also worry about it not being updated it anymore. You did a remarkable job with it, so it would be sad to see it go.

(Carine Rousseau) #4

Personally, I will have paid a lot more to have it, you could have done more expensive XD
I tried a lot of others and I came back to Vinoma :stuck_out_tongue:

(Leslie Young) #5

It has been feature complete for quite some time. Updates do tend to slow down once I feel it has all the features I wanted to add. After that it will mostly be small changes and bug fixes that push new versions.

(Leslie Young) #6

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe my next tool (BGS linked above) will look good enough to “upgrade” to once it is out. I’ll probably post a little sneak peak over the weekend at what it can do so far.

Ye, it is another Vn Maker…lol. but I chose this as the first plugin for BGS since it is relatively easy and fast to develop compared with some of the other game genres I could have chosen to implement. This helps me test the BGS core systems so I can get the main system out sooner while working on more plugins.

(Carine Rousseau) #7

Will we be able to migrate our game from Vinoma to the BGS (not to lose our work if we want to use the new tool?)

(Leslie Young) #8

No. they work way too different from each other :confused:

(Todd) #9

Thanks Leslie. I’m super excited to have the BGS and VN integrated :slight_smile: