Vinoma UI updater and load

(Carine Rousseau) #1


I use Vinoma UI updater (slider and text) for my affection bar and it works very good :slight_smile:
They update when the variable change. It’s good when I play.
But when I load my game, the bars stay as before I load until I make an action that changes the variable.
Is there a way to update Vinoma Ui Updater when the game loads?

(Leslie Young) #2

I’ll have a look into this…

(Leslie Young) #3

I ran a quick test and was not able to reproduce the problem. Maybe share how you run the test and I can try follow similar steps.

I simply had a variable set action set it to 0.1 and then saved, and then stepped over some dialogues and set it to 0.5 and saved and loading either one correctly restores the slider to the almost 1/4 mark or 1/2 mark depending on which I loaded.