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Vinoma is a no-scripting/ programming solution for creating Visual Novel type games with a drag-and-drop interface.

You can find it on the Asset Store or have a look at the Documentation or Video Tutorials.

  • No programming/ scripting required
  • Drag-and-drop actions to build scenes
  • Easily change game interface
  • Support for Loading and Saving
  • Support for multiple languages


Example script usage: Calling a script method with parameters


Does this have a dialogue system? I imagine it does but see nothing about it in the information given so far. Could you please tell me how that works? Is it drag and drop like the rest of the asset or does it require writing script.

I have a young person who is very interested in your product but need more information. Thanks.

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Dialogue is handled via the Dialogue Action, check this video.


Thanks so much! My daughter is so thrilled. :smile:

Are you going to make a video on using audio assets as well? She is eager to use her own recordings in the visual novel.

Oops found it! Great videos, btw. I have always loved your stuff for that reason. :slight_smile:

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Hah, yea, I recorded a video for just about every part of this system. Just check the playlist. I’ll be doing some written docs today so that should be up later.


Thanks, Leslie.

Are you going to add the ability to branch the dialogue? We want to be able to make choices on how the character answers a question or responds to dialogue and then have the story branch from there.

Also, is there an easy way to change the background for the text to transparent or translucent?

Thanks again.

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The Buttons Action allows you to branch or to set variables values or switches which can then be read by the Branch Action (Branch Action was was added in 1.0.1).

One of my videos goes over the GUI to show you which panels are related to the Dialogue. You simply change the textures for those elements to customise it for your game. You can even go as far as changing it totally, as long as you tell Vinoma GUI where to find the Text element for the Dialogue Text and the Text element for the Dialogue Name. Other, like the buttons, you can change too and still tell Vinoma when the button if called by adding the correct function callback to the button’s click event. All shown in the video - see playlist I linked in previous post.

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I’m researching a couple visual novel engines to figure out which one to use. I think I’ve narrowed it down to two, VNE and Vinoma. I’m having a difficult time trying to find any info on how to add a timer/ purchase for next chapter and purchasing for certain answer options like a lot of these VN Apps have. I haven’t been able to see any demo or info from any VN engine. Does Vinoma do that and is there a resource to help me understand how that works?

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None of my Vn tools have a feature to handle purchasing.