VN Engine - Click to advance/area

(NeoX) #1

first of all - amazing asset!
Now… my problems :slight_smile:
I have some issues with Dialogue panels - I can’t move to my next action in flow after clicking on dialogue panel “Click Area”.
Tested on your VN_sample, on UI_prefab, also on my own DialogueUI, - no effect.
Also - all TextMeshPro in VN/IU sample are missing - you need to put them by hand.

Thank You

(NeoX) #2

So? any ideas why I cant “click” on area to continue? all is setup correctly, but still, no effect. I can see only one line of text and after click, nothing is changing.

(NeoX) #3

Please! anyone… basic option dont work! pls look at that project and see what I have setup wrong and let me know, please ( all is as default…so shoudl work…but it isnt… :frowning: )

hit - new game - there will be img and txt, after “click” shoudl be another img.

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(NeoX) #4

solved, need to put empty audio source into Dialogue Panel Script

(Leslie Young) #5

solved, need to put empty audio source into Dialogue Panel Script

That is strange. Did you get any console error messages? You need to pay attention to the console and make sure there are no error since they can cause areas you think are unrelated to stop working.

If you do encounter an error you do not understand then please follow these instructions to report it.

(NeoX) #6

Yes - there was only - MissingComponentException: There is no ‘AudioSource’ attached to the “DIALOG” game object, but a script is trying to access it.
So I put empty one and now “click to advance” is working

(Leslie Young) #7

Ah, ok. That could have been the problem. Always check for errors, and perhaps even warning, first.