VN Engine - Points-score system

(NeoX) #1

Hi, I want to create Point system in VN.
I have created new generalpanel with txtmesh pro - points, there is also Ui text pro updater with node “get variable” - points

how to setup global flow panel to see points actions?
after start I have Show panel - POINTS, and first diaogue panel, after that I want to add 10 points, then I have dialogue option(buttons) with text, depends of choices there will be action - for example - add 5 points or delete 8points

START - > dialogue + 10 points -> buttons(choises ) a) +5 / b) -8

so at the end I want to see (if option selected) A - 15 poitns, or if B 2 points

(Leslie Young) #2

It looks like what you are asking for is a combination of things covered in the videos. Watch these vids if you have not yet since they give a lot of info regarding the use of these systems.

(NeoX) #3

I saw them many times,
but still I cant figure out how to add or remove points .
Of course I know how to change for example to +5, but I don’t know what to do to remove 1 point, to see (4).
Ok, I can do set value to 4, but it isnt point system.

(Leslie Young) #4

I am not quite sure where you are stuck at?
Do you know for example to use a global variable of type Integer?
Then you can use Value > Set/Get > Variable Node to get and set the value of that global variable.
The Val > Calc > Maths Operation Node can be used to do Maths operations (add or subtract “points”) on the variable’s value.