VN Engine updates

(Leslie Young) #1

These are the update notes for the Visual Novel plug-in for Blox Game Systems.

(Leslie Young) #2


  • Updated with support for latest version of BGS.
  • Fixed duplicate properties shown on VNEngine component.

(Leslie Young) #3


  • Requires BGS v0.03+
  • Added property to VNEngine component to specify a song to start when main menu is shown for 1st time. This song will be stopped when a game is started and restarted when the game is stopped (flow graphs started and stopped).
  • Added VN Engine/Game Info node to check if there is active session. Useful in creating a main menu with “Resume” and “Save” buttons which should auto hide/show via BGS/GUI/Updaters/Active State.
  • The VNEngine will now reset a few things when choosing to start a graph (from new game or loading). Not resetting could cause problems if a FlowGraph was already running.

(Leslie Young) #4


  • Requires BGS v0.04+
  • Added support for saving/ loading game state.

(Leslie Young) #5


  • Requires BGS v0.05+
  • Fixed some issues around resetting variable states after loading a saved session


  • Requires BGS v0.06+
  • Fixed problem with restoring a saved session not continuing with correct FlowGraph node.

(Leslie Young) #6


  • Unity 2018 update.
  • Requires BGS v0.12+
  • Made VNEngine compatible with latest version of BGS.


  • Requires BGS v0.13+
  • Added option to VNEngine component to set whether all linked FlowGraphs should preload or not when the startup graph is loaded.


  • Requires BGS v0.15+
  • Updated to support latest BGS.


  • Nothing changed. This is just to get the version on Asset Store to update properly.

BGS Visual Novel plug-in
(Leslie Young) #7


  • Requires BGS v0.20+
  • Updated to support latest BGS.