Wait for Mouse Click not executing


I’m just starting with Vinoma so I have a very simple example I am starting with. I have two scenes as follows:

Scene 1

Console (prints Scene 1)
Change Background
A. Goto scene "Scene 2"
B. Goto label "snooze"
Wait Forever
Label "Snooze"
Goto Scene Top

Scene 2

Console (prints Scene 2)
Change Background
Variable (sets a value)
Wait Mouse Click

When I run the game, clicking option B takes me to the top of Scene 1 as you would expect. Clicking option A takes me to Scene 2, but doesn’t wait for a mouse click. It goes right to “Reached end of game.”

Any ideas?

(Leslie Young) #2

Did you grab the latest update? There was a problem with the Wait action not noticing a click on a button and accepting that click itself. It will need Unity 2017.2 to get the update.


Yes, I just updated so I will give it another try. Thanks