Walk animations?

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How would I go about editing my players walking animations??

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Hi there, sorry i`m holiday for a few months, and just seen your post exactly what is wrong?

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@Boydie if it is simply to add animations… make sure they are legacy anims in UNIRPG, mechanim is very simple and needs editing to ake work, however on the Chara 2_Anim panel at the bottom you have a drop down for Movement Animations, in there you can open up 2 selection and type in the name of anim i.e whatever your anim on character is walk_forward etc.,place the walk anim in first box if my memory serves, in the field type anim name, then spped should be 3, folowed by tick for active, then anim speed 1, in the second selction tye the run anim name, followed by 999, tick for active, followed by speed 1… with these settings the character will always run, unless it gets under the speed of 3, which will then make him walk… i would also set your Obstacle avoidance to 1 or 5 on nav mesh agent…
P.S also remember to type in the name of the name of the IDLE anim on the chara 2_ANIM tab… and lastly make sure your idle, walk and run anims are set to loop, UNIRPG scripts the anims and auto makes sure they are looped but it doesnt harm to double check…
For other resources on the Forum there is a section with guides and video tutorials, i have placed a few tuts on there, including setting up player, player level and player death… these are only guidline tutorials but they will get you started… HOPE THAT HELPS