When Reporting Errors

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How to report Problems and post Console Messages.

When relevant please include some basic info like which version of the asset, what version of Unity (also if on OSX or Windows), and what target you are trying to build for (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Webplayer, etc).

When reporting an error and you have an actual error message in the Unity console please paste that error in your post. It is not always possible to guess the problem without this info.

Open the console from menu: Window > Console. Near the bottom of Window menu.

Click on the red error message and the bottom panel of the console will show more info. This info needs to be selected and copied to be pasted into your post. You can click-drag the mouse to select the text and right-click > copy.

Always look at the very 1st (top) error shown in the console when trying to figure out why things are not working. Errors in what seems to be unrelated areas can lead to other errors. So always start at the top and work through the errors.

When Unity Crash

If Unity crashes you can still access the log to find what is happening.

  1. Open the Console and then the Log file as shown in picture below. (The log will open in a text editor)
  2. Clear everything in the Log and save it. Do not close the text editor since you will need to look at the file again shortly.
  3. Now do what you need to do to make Unity crash.
  4. Switch back to the text editor and if it asks to re-load the file, choose Yes.
  5. Check what log has to say.

Under Windows the log is at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Unity\Editor\Editor.log

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Clean up the Cache

When it seems like your version of a Unity package is not updating properly then try these steps.

  1. In the package manager, click on Download (or Update) again and wait for it to finish before pressing Import.

  1. If that did not seem to work then go to where Unity stores the packages and delete it. You can delete all content of the PLYoung folder.

First close Unity, then delete the package(s). After that you can restart Unity and let it download the package(s) again.

Windows: %APPDATA%\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\PL Young\
OSX: ~/Library/Unity/Asset\ Store-5.x/PL\ Young/

These folders might be hidden.

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