When using Music/Sound Stop Option App crashes onWhen using Music/Sound Stop Option App crashes on Amazon fire 7 tablets


When using Music or Sound Stop Tap App crashes on Amazon fire 7 tablets. I was wondering if there is any fix for this? … Everything else seems to work even the Sound Tab … but just the sound stop and music tab causes it to crash. Wondering if there might be a fix for this? I know you don’t support mobile but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Much appreciated.

(Leslie Young) #2

Try to find the log file on device and post the lines which looks to be where the crash occurs.
For android you could also use adb logcat to watch what is going on and maybe spot the point of failure that way.


i figured out that it was due to low memory. I have the logcat and that is it looks like to me. I was wondering if you might have a suggestion on how to free up the memory after objects are loaded and then disabled? … I guess this is due to the lower end hardware in the fire tablets … memory gets used up quickly.