When you place mountain tiles over plane tiles it does not delete the plane tiles underneath

(vitaly) #1

In some previous versions of TileEd it used to delete the plane tiles when you put mountain tiles over it. In the current version 1.2.2 it does not delete the underneath tiles and we need to delete them manually. Why was such change introduced? Can you revert it to previous behaviour or make some option to use the old behaviour.

(Leslie Young) #2

Make sure the “auto erase” setting in the TileEd Map’s inspector (when Tile tool is active) is set to a value of 1 or more (depending on how far down and up you want tiles deleted when auto tiles are placed)

Note that deleting of tiles above/ below only happens when you paint with auto-tiles; not normal tiles.

Sorry for late reply. I was without inet for past week+

(vitaly) #3

Thanks for the reply. I have found the mentioned property when placing auto-tiles and it works as expected. However often we use regular tiles and this approach does not work. Currently we have written an own script which finds the tiles above and below the newly placed one and removes both the tiles and game objects from the scene. It was not too complex to implement and was possible due to the fact the tiles and props game object names are (XxYxZ) where X,Y,Z is tile location in TileEd map.