Where are the plug-ins?

(DeeJay) #1

I just installed BGS and finally got console errors fixed. But now I don’t know where to start and I keep reading about genre specific plug ins. I would like to create a VR game, so that would be more of a first person type of game, maybe some type of horror/survival game? What and where would i find the correct plug in?

(Alien) #2

no plugins for BGS exist yet… Leslie is still working on the product. I believe the RPG stuff will be the first plugin. ETA TBD

(Leslie Young) #3

The free Visual Novel Engine plug-in is the only genre specific plugin currently available. Of course the system can be used without the plug-in by using the FlowGraph and Blox Visual Scripting to build a game, It all depends on how complicated the game’s requirements are.

For an FPS I might suggest UFPS. I’ve not personally combined it with BGS yet but can’t see that there would be problems with the two systems in the same project. Again it will depends on what game you are trying to make since the focus on weapon combat might be more than you need from UFPS. I see it is included the Unity humble bundle that will end soon.

(Dorothy Jean Thompson) #4

Hey Leslie! Long time no see. I actually just bought the humble bundle! My issue is that I make VR games and I don’t think UFPS supports VR :frowning:

(Leslie Young) #5

I’ve never worked with VR myself so I do not know what additional things a sytem might require to be considered compatible with making VR games.

I did a quick search and found these topics that might be of interest,

(Bullardo) #6

The new UFPS does support VR and I have also been using the older Plygame which can be integrated well. I use external plug-ins with all ply products.

My current game has just a modified camera controller from Leslies code which he allows us to extend. There is plenty of first person help out there for VR also.