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(daniel harratt) #1

Hi all…

Sorry for the Delay in tutorials, and scripts!! we have just opened a new Bar and time is taking its toll, between building games and getting staff for bar i`m a bit tied up lol…

OK so im not too sure what type of games you are all building, but I've placed online our asset pack Destiny Knight one of our big MMOs… the world asset pack offers everything to create a world, from houses to caves to dungeons etc.,

If your interested i`m willing to offer a discount for new game builders!! lol you can view and purchase it here…

World Creation Pack

Also im just uploading a demo scene from one of our games we are rebuilding using UNIRPG... This will be a free DEMO to download... but ill let you know more when its uploaded later…

Thanks Guys…

(Marshall Heffernan) #2

Where can I find more information about this?

edit: I would also like some more information, if at all possible, about the included music and 100 sfx.

(daniel harratt) #3

what info would you like??
the weapons pack comes with many types of objects including swords, axes, maces, shields, daggers, bows and crossbows…
Sound xf are footsteps, ambiences, weapon sounds, body hit sounds, spell fx, combat fx (human hit, human death aswell as creature hit and death FX)

(daniel harratt) #4

LIMITED TIME means till we are happy to stop it …

(Marshall Heffernan) #5

The info I would like is just to see it before purchasing.

For weapons you could line them up on the ground and take a screen shot.

For the music, was one of the 17 tracks the one in the trailer?

An easy way to show them off might be to take 6 or so seconds of each track, edit them together, and put that mp3 up, so people could get a feel for how it sounds.

SFX are harder to “show off”. I’m mostly curious about the quality, meaning WAV or MP3? Bitrate? How good of a microphone was used for Foley, etc. (Like a little humming or buzzing might be easy to fix in audio editing software, but some sound clips are “unfixable”).

I’m just speculating, at this point, because there weren’t any sound in the video.

Just putting some thoughts out there, too help you make some sales.

(daniel harratt) #6

Heres some images of the files, i`ll try to open a sound cloud account to upload sounds… all sounds are in OGG, WAV or MP3…

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/4/402569177c198720cca3b7b22e0d2046016c2be7.png" width=“689” height="431

(daniel harratt) #7

here is a small sample of sounds…

(daniel harratt) #8

You can hear one of the sound tracks at


and also



Where no hope dwells


(Ryan) #9

Whats the discount?

(daniel harratt) #10

Hi there…

Its up for 35 euros at the moment normally its 80 euros…