Would you like to make blox a continually discovered donor project?


Hello, I have purchased your TiltEd and also purchased some other visualization scripts such as: ork, makinom, playmaker, etc. But none of them have the ability to generate code. One makinom author also encountered funding problems, but we donated him patreon, so that makinom can continue to develop https://www.patreon.com/
See some blox example, I like blox, but because of the sale Well, your support for new features has changed, which made my purchase hesitant. Are you interested in turning blox into a donation? Let blox get more universal and sustainable development, eventually become perfect and powerful.

(Leslie Young) #2

I doubt a patreon for Blox specifically will do well enough to warrant more time spend on it. Blox as is does what it set out to do. The “extra” stuff (like the bootstrap) is pretty much what I started doing since I realised people want that and not a pure visual scripting system

Through my years publishing on the store I have found that my target group need full systems, like UniRPG or plyGame,Vinoma, or ORK, etc. So my focus is returning to this where the visual scripting part will only be there to support the bigger system. At the same time I will drop the script generator since it would be pointless in such a system and only add possible bugs I do not want to deal with.

This new tool’s core system (BGS) will be a free upgrade for Blox 3 owners. But ye, if you wanted a VS system that generate scripts then Blox 3 is the last system from me that will do that.

(Alien) #3

Check out Nottorus. it generates clean c# code from visual nodes.

The support from the developer kinda sucks (but there is some support), but the visual editor is nice and the generation of the c# code is really clean. Price has come down too. It has helped me learn more and more about c# as well. its much closer to coding then say playmaker (which i personally don’t like).

This is what i wish blox3 would have been able to do… but alas different use case and as Leslie said, probably would introduce difficult to track bugs.

i think the Blox gaming system will give blox3 bit more life and run way…